This six week program for Ontario Works recipients has been designed specifically for people in recovery (30 days or more clean and sober) and provides the opportunity for these individuals to establish new behaviours, support their recovery and set realistic goals for themselves that will allow them to re-enter the labour market, resulting in positive long-term outcomes for the participants.

The program focuses on creating a plan of action through self-assessment, life-skills, pre-employment skills, basic computer literacy training, recovery maintenance, educational / employment options exploration and goal-setting. Clients benefit from participating in group workshops where they gain valuable social skills that are transferable to their personal lives and the workplace

Participants also receive one-to-one personal support from our counsellors to meet their more intensive individual needs. After completion of the six week program participants continue to receive support to help them move to the next step on their journey back to a productive place in society; whether they are returning directly to the workforce or further training and education. ­­

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